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Welcome to my website. I am one of 29 EFT Masters in the World trained by Gary Craig, developer of Emotional Freedom Techniques. For the past 30 years I have been working with people either as an educator or therapist. My choice of modalities in assisting people is EFT because it is easy, quick and safe with lasting results.

If you want to change your way of thinking and behaving, give EFT a try. Remove blocks, hurts and unwanted responses to old triggers. EFT works on many levels and issues quite painlessly. In the past 10 years of using EFT, I have been surprised and delighted with the results people have been able to obtain and changed their lives in astounding ways.

I offer phone/webcam and personal sessions. If you are interested in changing some aspect of your life or are not happy with some emotional and mental state, contact me to discuss how EFT can help you.

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NEW...Mentoring/Coaching for EFT Practitioners with EFT MASTER

  • Get better results using EFT
  • Use better Strategies with EFT
  • Improve your EFT skill levels
  • Excel using EFT

for details contact Rehana Webster, EFT MASTER

individual mentoring
group coaching
via skype/phone or in person

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Emotional Freedom Techniques Workshops (Workshops can be presented in your area. If interested, please contact me for details.)

The Art of Delivery

A workshop to assist any professional EFT practitioner or those wanting to become one. To assist you working with clients this workshop helps you develop the skill of being heard and understood.

For practitioners truly dedicated to achieving a level of excellence with EFT.

If you want to improve the art of delivery then you will benefit greatly by taking this workshop.

Prerequisite: EFT Level 1 workshop

Rehana's DVD

Rehana shares her BRICK WALL method for helping clients identify and prioritize their specific underlying events.

In her demonstration Rehana combines the EFT Movie Technique with NLP on the client’s issue.

This DVD was recorded at a conference and is available for sale at this location.

Last updated: September 2013
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